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Why Jet Web Design?

2010 Copyright Jet Web Design. Why us?Our aim is clear - To achieve top placements on search engines. We achieve this by producing clean, clear, easy to navigate, fast loading, search engine optimised web pages hosted on fast UK based reliable servers. By keeping website graphics down to a minimum, and generally sticking to flat HTML pages where possible, we ensure that we only produce search engine friendly websites that stand the highest chances of gaining a number one position on the most important search engines.

You may be looking for a flash website, we may use it sparingly as search engines have problems indexing these types of websites. You may also sometimes notice that when you search for a particular service or product, the more simplistic fast loading pages are often the ones that come back as number one.

User friendly website design

Whilst every effort is made to produce a search engine friendly website, at Jet Web Design, we believe that the user should always come first.

Considerations we make for the users of any website include:

  • Website must be fast to download - all images should be compressed and optimised for minimum download times without compromising too much quality
  • Use only standard - easy to read fonts throughout. Not every browser supports your favourite font
  • Friendly navigation - your user should be able to get to virtually any page on the website within 2-3 clicks at the very most
  • Consistent design throughout - keep your user in familiar surroundings. Amazon style designs tend to work best
  • Content is more important than flashy graphics - remember, your user is looking at the website to find out about your company products and services, not to see how many times you can make your new logo dance around the screen
  • Break up content into easy to read paragraphs - draw the user to important areas by use of bold fonts or bullets
  • Always make your contact details easy to find from every page - there is nothing more frustrating for a user when they cannot instantly find an e-mail address or contact page

These are just the basics - there are many more considerations to make when producing a user friendly website.

To sum up

We strive to offer every web design related service, from logo and stationery design through to online marketing. As a small company ourselves, our services are aimed primarily at the smaller business. We always strive to give exceptional value for money, great return on investment and a service that is second to none.

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