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E commerce - The meaning - "Websites that carry out live online trading or take payment with no or little human intervention."

2009 - e commerce designTens of Billion of Pounds are being spent online each year in the UK, with high street retailers benefiting the most from these sales as more and more take the plunge and delve in to the world wide web. If you have a high street store and an established business to back your website - partnering with Jet Web Design can give your business the potential to increase your sales at least 3 times over within 6 months of the launch date.

Why bother to go e commerce?

Consumers are becoming more and more trusting and are using credit cards online more and more. Quite rightly so, an online credit card transaction is many times more secure than using a credit card over the telephone with today's encryption technology. Any retailer that is putting off trading online is putting their business in serious jeopardy as online sales rocket. If the competition is already doing it, why aren't you?

Why bother with Jet Web Design?

If you decide to choose Jet Web Design for combined e commerce web design and promotion, you could be seeing hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your online shop each week and could see your sales figures double, triple or more within a few months for very little investment when compared to the costs involved with starting and running a bricks and mortar business. The Internet is an exciting and thriving place to do business for both retailers and consumers alike. It's fast, easy, secure and popular. Once built, your website will be a major part of your business and will be used as a tool for your long term success.

General ongoing running costs are also very low when compared to employing a sales person. If written correctly, ranked highly on the major search engines, and with the right prices, your website can do a sales job better than the very best sales person in your business.

Do you know of any sales person that works 24 hours per day, never gets tired, doesn't need breaks and takes orders at 5am? If so, please - send them our way!

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