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Building a website from scratch

This page has been designed to help you get an understanding of building a new website with Jet Web Design. If you are considering contacting us for an estimate and even if you already have a good understanding of the Internet and World Wide Web, we recommend reading this page in full.

Content - Your content is the most important facet of your website and needs to be given a great deal of consideration. We request that you provide the majority of your content prior to commencement of design as this helps enormously to provide us with an understanding of your business and can therefore have a big bearing on what we produce. We also advise that your website be content rich, as this helps in ensuring your website is well ranked in the search engines. An existing company website or brochure is a great place to start.

Images - You will need a copy of any images that you wish to be included on your website. These are best provided in digital format. This may be your products, your company logo or general photographs. We can also provide a photographer if you need your products or premises professionally photographed. Please also feel free to browse our stock photography section listed under "Services Offered". Images shown in our stock photography section can be edited and used in your design at a set price per 5 images.

Search Engine Optimisation - Normally known by its acronym SEO. This means that the structure of your website and the text has been laid out on each page so that a search engine knows exactly what your website is. Without this, your website will never get found and will never gain any sales. There are no shortcuts to success in this important area for having a successful web presence. It boils down to knowledge of the rules and knowing what not to do as much as knowing all the things that you can do. Many web designers try to cheat the search engines to gain a top position by hiding text on their pages or using other frowned upon tactics. Sometimes they probably just do not know the rules but these tactics can cause your website to be flagged and banned by the engines. We do know the rules and we stick to them whenever we design a website. So what makes a high ranking website that will hold great results for the long term? Answer - Effort! Cutting corners can often gain great short term results but would not offer anything positive for the long term success of your business.

Web Hosting - Your website needs to be stored on a high specification web server 24 hrs per day. When a potential customer logs on to your website, they will connect to another computer known as a server to download your pages to their computer. It is vital that the server can cope with high numbers of visitors connecting at any one time. It is also important that the server is reliable with maximum uptime to ensure minimum loss of business.

Domain Name - Your website will need an easy to remember address that is related to your business so people can log on to your website by using this address, your domain name or website address will also be used to submit your website to the major search engines.

Search Engine Submissions - Once your website has been built and optimised, you will need to go to each of the major search engines to tell them that your site exists, we always stay within the daily limits set by each of the major engines to ensure your website does not get flagged.

2009 Corperate BrandingThen just sit and wait - This will be enough to get your business online - found - and generate new sales.

New Business? - If you are embarking on a new business venture, please consider using Jet Web Design to create your corporate branding. As owners of an established web design business, we have the skills to carry your company image through all aspects of your company literature from your logo, your stationery, company brochure to your website. We are keen to develop good relationships with new start ups and create a long lasting business relationship. View information on corporate branding.

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