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Set some time aside first - we need to understand each others needs

2009 - Your part in e commerce designBuilding an e commerce website that ranks highly on the major search engines is a major project and not to be taken lightly. If you are interested in our e commerce design services, please ensure you have carried out the following research prior to contacting Jet Web Design:

  • Ensure you have a way of obtaining images of the products that you will sell - send some examples when contacting us, you should be able to obtain these from the manufacturer. Visit their website to check if they offer an image feed for distributors.
  • Write the content for your home page, we will need to understand the basics behind your idea before we can offer an estimate or commit any time or involvement to your project.
  • Do some research using the Internet on your area. Note down who your competitors are and list 3 on our quote request form. Google is a great tool for carrying out this research.
  • Decide on the type of layout/site you like. List 3 on our quote request form.
  • Know exactly how many products you wish to sell through the website. Know all different sizes/colours/options for each product.
  • Know how many pages of information you wish to display. Do you need detailed descriptions for each product type? Full specifications? Thumbnail images of each product? Remember that if you are aiming at gaining high listings on the major search engines, and you are in a competitive business, you will need a website that is rich in content.
  • Please let us know your budget on our quote request form. There is no point in going in to talks with a designer if we cannot match your budget. Please understand that the results we achieve through search engine optimisation for our clients is second to none and is a often a time consuming business.
  • Know your audience - who are you selling to? How do you know they want your product? What connection speed are they using? Do they want speed from your website or a website that offers stunning graphics that may take longer to download? What will work best for your customers?

Questions we will ask are likely to include:

Q1. What search terms do you think will be typed by your users to find you?

Q2. What type of layout do you like? Please offer us a few suggestions. Whilst we cannot copy another design, this will help you communicate to us the type of designs you prefer.

Q3. How will you take payment? Have you spoken with your bank regarding this? If so, which bank? Do you have a merchant bank account already set up?

Q4. Do you have a logo? If yes, please send a copy to us when you contact us.

Q5. Do you already have a website? Please provide the details of this.

If you are happy that you have all the information above, and can answer all questions. Please use our quote request form to submit details of your project. Click for Quote Request Form.

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